Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Creative Process

For information design, we were asked to create an exhibit on the topic of progression. I had no idea this project would be such a huge undertaking, and I relied on a lot of really great people to help me finish.

My wife Maddy did an amazing job taking the studio photos (exactly what was in my head), and whiz-kid photographer/designer Nic Bingham was perfect in the photos.

Picture 49

Picture 46

Picture 48

Picture 26
Picture 27

Picture 34

Picture 23
Me, finished, and very, very tired.


Drew Danburry: "I usually end up as surprised or depressed about the end project as everyone else."

Maddy Lucas: "I think and think and think and think. Then I do. "

Lizzy House: "If I don't note it immediately, it's gone forever."
"Put in the time, you will add so much to your life and the lives of others by being creative."

Miranda Murdock: "At times it feels like everything has already been done."

Brady Smith: "My creative process starts out with doodles"

Jessica Steimer: "Glue, paste, paint, crumple, and get your hands dirty."

Michelle Irwin: "Completed projects aren't really done, even when they're framed and hanging on the wall."

Drew Grella: "I do have a method, if I were in Rexburg, I would first go to Horkley's and get a cup of pop."


Anonymous said...

This turned out so amazing seth! Especially considering how much sleep was lost during the process. I love it love it love.


Sassy Sarah said...

Seth, the project looks like it turned out fantastic! As always, I LOVE your work and ideas.

Shem Carlson said...

Hey dude. I'm lovin' your work these days. You've come a long way since Chesbro!

Seth said...

Thanks Shem!

Drew Danburry said...

man I am so in love with your project. It came out so wonderful. Even if I didn't get to see it in person, I think it looks great.
Sincerely, Drew