Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This is my second video, Undo. After about 2 weeks of struggling on one concept (I tried to animate my awful truth poster, but couldn't get it quite right), I furiously made a new video about 5 hours before class. I was incredibly surprised it came out as well as it did.

I am really loving motion, it enables you to do so many things that would be considered horrendous in contemporary graphic design, (like stretching objects and type) and I love how much it can communicate.

Undo from Jonathan Seth on Vimeo.

BFA pictures coming soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Eye Twitch

My first motion piece ever, created in after effects . The assignment was to create a 3-2-1 countdown in 5 seconds. But I felt a count up worked better for my concept.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Awful Truth

Digital Illustration Poster, for a fictional tour for my friend Brent's band The Awful Truth.
Picture 14

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Choose to Create

I think the ironic part about most craft kits, is they tell you exactly what to make, and everyone ends up with the same product in the end. I wanted to create a book/kit that didn't tell you exactly what to make, but gave you options. I researched a bunch of kits, and found the most common items you need to make what you want. The ultimate goal is to teach you to be creative, rather than telling you what to make.

Picture 26

Picture 44

Picture 32

Picture 43

Picture 27

Picture 41

Picture 34

Picture 35

Picture 36

Picture 37

Picture 38

Picture 42

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Creative Process

For information design, we were asked to create an exhibit on the topic of progression. I had no idea this project would be such a huge undertaking, and I relied on a lot of really great people to help me finish.

My wife Maddy did an amazing job taking the studio photos (exactly what was in my head), and whiz-kid photographer/designer Nic Bingham was perfect in the photos.

Picture 49

Picture 46

Picture 48

Picture 26
Picture 27

Picture 34

Picture 23
Me, finished, and very, very tired.


Drew Danburry: "I usually end up as surprised or depressed about the end project as everyone else."

Maddy Lucas: "I think and think and think and think. Then I do. "

Lizzy House: "If I don't note it immediately, it's gone forever."
"Put in the time, you will add so much to your life and the lives of others by being creative."

Miranda Murdock: "At times it feels like everything has already been done."

Brady Smith: "My creative process starts out with doodles"

Jessica Steimer: "Glue, paste, paint, crumple, and get your hands dirty."

Michelle Irwin: "Completed projects aren't really done, even when they're framed and hanging on the wall."

Drew Grella: "I do have a method, if I were in Rexburg, I would first go to Horkley's and get a cup of pop."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Beard: A how to guide

I am a firm believer in designing what you know. For information design, we were asked to create a how-to poster with no words, and no letters. Mine is how to grow a beard.

seth lucas