Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lost & Found Inc.

When I was little, I assumed all your lost things went somewhere.  In my head I imagined them ending up in some massive layer full of lost toys & things.  
For Graphic Design we were asked to create a box from 50 items we found.  For mine I wanted to create an imaginary institution (Lost & Found Inc.)  where people send in request forms for their lost items.  So I interviewed 50 different people, and had them fill out order forms I made and took their pictures.
This is what came out:

Thanks to Rayna for being my cover model.

Letter pressed box, thanks to Madelyne. 

This the back of the cards with the lost item request form I created.  This is one of my favorites, it's from my nephew Jake.  
It says...
Detailed description of item: Backpack
Approximate age when lost: 5
Why was this item important to you?: MINE


Sassy Sarah said...

Haha... I also love the one from your nephew. Makes me laugh! What a great idea for a project. I love it!

Lindsay said...

So THIS is the project I heard all about. I finally get to see it! I want to sit down and read all of the cards.