Tuesday, July 8, 2008

little cars

I have been obsessed with the smart car for some time now, I realized it's not just the fuel efficiency that I love, it's just so little. I found some little cars that I love even more than the smart car, feast your eyes on these little pups.
This is the Isetta, it was made by a refrigerator company, small cars being an obvious area for a fridge company to venture into.
It looks like you get in from the front, with just enough room to cozy up with a little lady.

I wouldn't really want this one, it's just endearing.
And lastly the goggo cabrio, this would make a great car for an afternoon picnic, or weekend in the city with a friend, or a trip to the county fair for a slice of peach cobbler, or a drive to the library for a new book...


Joanna Goddard said...

oh, that orange one is fantastic!

Harpski said...

Maddy, I mean Seth, GET THE BLUE ONE! and name it Harold. Please! You and Maddy would be fantastic in it!

jordan said...

I want that last one!